Our university has been accepting applications from international students, as of November 1, 2016.   

Interested students can apply online here:

Other important dates to keep in mind are here:

Application details are here:

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Three things to keep in mind:

1. Everything in GIMBC is taught in English: this includes lectures, seminars, and lab meetings.  No knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is required. 
2. Although the PDF specifies Dr. Lin as the contact person, for detailed information, we recommend that you contact the Institute Secretary, Ms. Frannie Han ( ), or the Dean of our College, Professor Timothy Lane ( ). 
3. Although the PDF specifies a resume (autobiography) and Statement of Purpose (research plan), actually we will just need a Personal Statement from you, describing who you are, your background, and your research interests and goals (what's bringing you here).  You need not supply us with a formal autobiography (a CV is good enough).  And you do not need a formal research proposal since your specific research area can be determined once you are here and actually working with a faculty member.