(If you have a Taiwanese passport, please use the link above. The information below is for International Students only)



GIMBC now offers both Masters and Ph.D. programs.  The application procedures are the same.  We encourage you to start preparing your application materials for TMU and scholarships now.

For 2021 Fall admission, online application is now open, and the deadline of application is February 16th, 2021.


The application website is:

Note 1: This website is good for both admission and TMU scholarships (though we require all our students to try at least one non-TMU scholarship, please see our scholarships section)

Note 2: Please do plan to apply at least one day before the deadline since Taiwan's time zone (UTC+8) is ahead of most places


To know more about the admission process, you can also visit our Office of Global Engagement website:



Here are the things you will need to complete the online application:

1) online application (linked above)

2) a recent 2-inch identification photo

3) scanned copy of your passport

4) your diploma (of highest degree so far), and official transcript

5) a copy of English proficiency test (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, or others).  Or, if you've had 2 or more years of formal education (or work experience) in an English-speaking country/institute, then proof of attendance will suffice

6) CV

7) personal statement (about your background, motivation, research interest, why GIMBC...etc)

8) optional: letter(s) of recommendation (1 for MSc; 2 for PhD; your recommender(s) can submit the letter online, or you can upload a copy to the online application system for them)

9) other supporting materials that you think will help (e.g., awards, publications...etc)


Two more things to keep in mind:

1. Everything in GIMBC is taught in English: this includes lectures, seminars, and lab meetings.  No knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is required. 

2. To be eligible for GIMBC scholarship (this is different from TMU scholarship), all students must apply to at least one non-TMU scholarship, such as the Taiwan Ministry of Education or Ministry of Foreign Affairs or any opportunities in your home country (e.g., Fulbright). Please save a copy of proof of application for your record, GIMBC will consider you for monthly stipend scholarship if you have applied elsewhere first.

3. If you have any questions, we recommend that you contact the Institute Secretary, Ms. Frannie Han ( frannie[at] ), or Professor Philip Tseng ( philip[at] ).