26 Aug2020

Cognitive load modulation of distractor processing using pupillary responses

26 Aug2020

Cognitive Load of Exercise Influences Cognition and Neuroplasticity of Healthy Elderly

26 Aug2020

Psychomotor mechanisms and their biochemical modulation in psychiatric disorders

26 Aug2020

Synchrony Between DMN and Sensorimotor Networks Facilitates Motor Function in Stroke Rehabilitation

26 Aug2020

Intrinsic brain activity and psychomotricity in schizophrenia & bipolar disorder

28 Aug2020

Timekeeping in the hindbrain: a multi-oscillatory circadian centre in the mouse dorsal vagal complex

25 Mar2020

COVID-19: Coronavirus Updates

29 Mar2019

Talk: Prof. Albert Yang

29 Mar2019

Talk: Prof. Michael Graziano

07 Dec2018

Neuroimaging in psychiatry International symposium

02 Nov2018

Our master’s student Vuong Truong at GIMBC has won the third prize at the TMU-MIT (Sana) Hackathon

03 Jul2018

Talk: Dr. Ignacio Rebollo

14 Mar2018

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation(TMS) Training Course

26 Jan2018

New Nature Communications publication from Dr. Jihwan Myung!