26 Jul2022

11101 Seminar Schedule

10 Dec2021

Can I eat McDonald's after I got diagnosis?

19 Nov2021

Psychological stress: friend or foe?

12 Nov2021

A brief introduction to the information closure theory of consciousness and its future​

05 Nov2021

Exploring the “brave new world”: from psychology to brain and mind research to neuropsychiatric dis

03 Oct2021

Seminar Tentative Course schedule

07 May2021

Information-weighting system in the brain

30 Apr2021

Using an AI algorithm to derive brain age from individual brain MRIs

23 Apr2021

Autism Spectrum Disorder: From Bench to Bedside

16 Apr2021

Systems factorial technology: Theory and applications

09 Apr2021

The scientific study of human consciousness

26 Mar2021

Drosophila sexual decision making and mouse memory function

05 Mar2021

An integrative analysis of Serotonin Transporter Polymorphism (5-HTTLPR) on Anxiety, Implicit Moral

05 Mar2021

2021 seminar

26 Feb2021

Applying Neuroscience Perspective to Improve Mental Health