07 Nov2017

Talk: Professor Tim Bayne

The quest for a consciousness meter
Speaker: Professor Tim Bayne (Department of Philosophy, Monash University)
Date: 2017.11.7 (Tue) 15:00-16:00
Location: 20 Floor, Conference room , DA-AN Branch, Taipei Medical University  

One of the central challenges facing the science of consciousness is that of identifying ways of measuring consciousness. Can we go beyond our pre-theoretical ways of detecting consciousness and develop measures that are independently validated? Some theorists think not, and argue that we are necessarily restricted to the pre-theoretical markers of consciousness with which we begin. Other theorists are more optimistic, and think that we will be able to develop independent measures of consciousness--in other words, "consciousness meters". This talk critically examines one proposal for how to identify measures of consciousness—the natural kind approach—and asks whether it can be reconciled with various widely-held commitments in the philosophy of mind.