Career path panel: the industrial path

Time: 2024/03/29 (Fri) 15:00-17:00

Location: 801 Meeting room, Research and Teaching Building, SH Campus, Taipei Medical University

Speaker 1 : Hsiang-Yun Sherry Chien (簡翔澐) (ML scientist, Apple Inc.)

Topic: Become a machine learning scientist

Speaker 2: Dave Hayes (Strategic Research Advisor in Behavioural Finance Lab, Financial Consumer Agency of Canada)

Topic: Escaping academia: why & how

Speaker 3 : Jacky Hsieh (謝承志) (Senior User Experience Researcher at BenQ)

Topic: User experience career

Speaker 4 : Dr. Sinead Hsi-Yi Chen (陳璽尹) (CEO of Science Media Center Taiwan)

Topic: User experience career