Ans: The exact date will be announced by TMU OGE every year. In our experience, the application process for the Autumn term of the following year usually takes place around mid-November this year and ends around mid-March of the following year. During the summer of 2023, we will begin the application process for enrolling in the Spring term of the following year. The application period will begin in mid-August and end in early September. Please stay tuned with TMU OGE for the official announcement.

Ans: We welcome students from a variety of backgrounds. There are a number of students from a variety of backgrounds, including those related to humanity and art, medicine, and computer science. Students from different backgrounds are welcome at our institution.

Although we welcome students with various backgrounds, there is an Eligibility issue that needs your attention.

1. All applicants must comply with the MoE (Ministry of Education) “Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan” and other applicable regulations. The decision to grant international student status is decided by citizenship status.

2. Applicants with a Bachelor/Master degree accredited by MOE or those who will graduate from an accredited Bachelor/Master degree program by July of the enrolment year. Visit for a list of recognized foreign universities published by the MoE.

Please check the OGE admission Guideline for details.

Ans: For applicants to master’s and PhD programs, the MoE Taiwan requires a minimum level of proficiency in English.

For Master’s applicants, the criteria is CEFR B1 (Threshold) or above.

For Ph.D. applicants, the criteria is CEFR B2 (Threshold) or above.

An internationally recognized English ability test is required while you submit your application. Please send your scores electronically from the testing service in order to be verified. It is important that you use the correct code when sending your official scores to TMU.

TOEFL: Institution Code 3225

IELTS: Taipei Medical University International Admission

English-Language Test Waiver
Applicants will be exempted from submitting English-proficiency scores if you hold a bachelor’s degree completed in its entirety in an English-speaking country.

Here is the list of approved English-speaking countries (

Ans: According to MoE requirements, applicants shall provide a financial statement containing at least USD 4,000 (or the equivalent in the currency of the day) and obtained within the past three months.

Ans: If the applicant has not received diploma status before submitting his or her application, he or she must submit the “Certificate of Expected Graduation” issued by their institution. When they are admitted, they must, however, submit their academic credentials on the day of registration. If you do not comply with this requirement, your admission offer will be canceled.

After received admission notice/enrollment notification

Ans: Both documents could be downloaded from the admission system, no hard copy will be provided.

Ans: TMU has applied a paperless policy for years and most overseas Taiwan representative offices do accept the soft copy for VISA application. If a hard copy of admission notice/enrollment notification is requested, please write to and schedule a pickup from the Office of Global Engagement.

Ans: Admission offer could be deferred to next year, however, your TMU scholarship offer will be revoked. Also, those holding deferred admission offers are not eligible for Taiwan scholarship applications.

Ans: Only those who submitted authenticated documents and have received their Enrollment Notification are eligible for deferral application. Please contact our program ( and the Registration Section ( for deferral application.

Ans: Yes, the degree certificate(s) or diploma of academic attainment, official transcripts (list of grades and courses) of academic attainment, and the bank statement, all have to be authenticated by the ROC overseas office in the applicants’ countries of study or, if there is none, by the nearest ROC representative office. The process duration for authentication usually takes a long time. Please process this as soon as possible. If you can not submit the authenticated documents in time, you will lose the admission offer.

How to Apply