All GIMBC students (PhD and MSc) are guaranteed full tuition waiver upon admission.

In addition to full tuition waiver, all GIMBC students are eligible to apply for a monthly stipend scholarship so your living expenses can be covered.  There are several sources of such scholarships for international students:  1) The Taiwan Ministry of Education (MOE); 2) The Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA; only for students from countries with diplomatic ties with Taiwan); 3) Taipei Medical University; 4) GIMBC scholarship.

We also host students who are applying to the Fulbright program. Such students apply through a separate process (see below for more details).

GIMBC applicants (excluding Fulbright scholarship applicants) should apply for the TMU scholarship PLUS at least one external scholarship, and then choose the one that is most beneficial to you (Note: external scholarships such as ones from MOE and MOFA provide a better stipend).  For GIMBC scholarship, you do not need to do anything as you are automatically considered as long as your have applied for the aforementioned scholarships (and retain proof).  The stipend amount and available slots for the GIMBC scholarship is dependent on each year’s available funding.

A brief introduction of the scholarships can be found below, and a more detailed description can be found on the TMU OGE website:

TMU Scholarship 
TMU international students (does not include Chinese or Taiwanese citizens) may apply for scholarships as soon as they are admitted to GIMBC, using the same TMU online admission website.  Therefore, if you haven’t submitted your online admission application, please do that first. For scholarships, students’ previous academic performance, extra-curricular activities and achievements, and relevant work experience will all be considered.

PhD students are eligible for a Type A scholarship (tuition waiver plus a monthly allowance of NTD $16,000).

Master’s students are eligible for a Type B scholoarship (tuition waiver plus a monthly allowance of NTD $12,000).

A Type C scholoarship (full tuition waiver) is guaranteed for all students.

Students will begin receiving their scholarships upon enrollment and official registration at TMU (usually in October).

Taiwan’s Governmental Scholarships
To apply, you should contact your local Taiwanese embassy (formally known as Taipei Economic and Cultural Office) in your country:

The embassy personnel will talk to you and help you decide which governmental scholarships (MOE or MOFA) you should apply for. They will also tell you the deadlines for these scholarship applications (the deadlines differ between different agencies, and between different countries; therefore, it is very important to talk to your local embassy first!). If you encounter any difficulties, please contact the GIMBC secretary, Ms. Frannie Han ( frannie[at] ), or director Dr. Tzu-Yu Hsu ( tzuyu.hsu[at] ).

These scholarships provide more money than TMU or GIMBC ones and so applying for them is strongly encouraged. For example, an MOE scholarship pays $30,000 NTD per month for PhD students, and $20,000 per month for MSc students.

Please also note that the deadline for some Taiwan governmental scholarships might be earlier than the TMU admission deadline (for 2020, it was March 15th).  Therefore, it’s good to start early on these scholarships and contact your local Taiwan embassy early.

GIMBC Scholarship
GIMBC departmental scholarship provides a monthly stipend of $16,000 for PhD students and $12,000 for MSc students. Students who did not receive a TMU or governmental scholarship will automatically be considered for a GIMBC departmental scholarship. The GIMBC scholarship committee usually meets around May, after your results from other scholarships are out. During this time, please update us on your scholarship status as soon as you have heard from other funding agencies.

GIMBC departmental scholarships are reserved for students who have applied for both 1) TMU scholarship, and 2) at least one external scholarship (MOE, MOST, MOFA, or any of your home country’s scholarship opportunities, such as Fulbright).  If you did apply to at least one of these but did not receive any funding then you are automatically eligible and considered for a GIMBC scholarship. Note that the number of available slots varies every year ( but that a tuition waiver is guaranteed for everyone).  Please keep a copy of proof of your other scholarship applications (e.g., confirmation letter, confirmation screen shot, etc).  You do not need to file an application for a GIMBC scholarship – all admitted students are automatically considered.

Fulbright Scholarship
Citizens of the United States of America can apply to the Fulbright Program. Fulbright scholarships cover the awardee’s tuition, living, and relocation expenses. Applicants need to apply for GIMBC admission and Fulbright scholarship separately, and Fulbright will ask the awardees for their admission letter later on.

It is important to note that if you apply for GIMBC admission through the Fulbright path but do not get a Fulbright scholarship then you will not be eligible to apply for a TMU scholarship. Such applicants can be considered for a GIMBC scholarship. Applicants through the Fulbright path are guaranteed a tuition waiver.

Applicants for Fulbright scholarships who apply to GIMBC should access the following link:

To learn more about the Fulbright application, please visit the link below:

How to Apply