· September 16, 2022

Yonggun Jun, National Central University, TW

Cargo transport driven by multiple kinesins in crowded environments


· September 23, 2022

Hsu Jung Lung, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, TW

Glymphatic system in neurodegenerative disease


· September 30, 2022

Nagham Badreddine, Turing Centre for Living Systems (CENTURI), FR (online)

Spatiotemporal reorganization of corticostriatal networks encodes motor skill learning


· October 7, 2022

Christian I. Hong, University of Cincinnati, US

Uncovering roles of circadian rhythms in gastrointestinal systems using 3D organoids


· October 14, 2022

Lukasz Chrobok, University of Bristol, UK (online)

Circadian timekeeping properties of the hindbrain dorsal vagal complex


· October 18, 2022

Heejung S. Kim, University of California, Santa Barbara, US *Jointly with GIHM 

Environmental Engagement in a Diverse World: The Relationship Between Environmental Beliefs, Social Norms, and Support for Environmental Action


· October 28, 2022

Kun Hu, Harvard Medical School, US *Begins at 12pm (online)

Alterations of circadian rhythms and fractal physiology with aging and in diseases


· November 4, 2022

Valérie Simmoneaux, Institute of Cellular and Integrative Neuroscience (INCI), FR (online)

TBA (estrous cycle circuit)


· November 11, 2022

Sheena Tiong, University of Malaya, MY (online)

The Developing Brain: neuronal circuits & morphological diversity


· November 18, 2022

Kazuhiro Yagita, Kyoto Prefectural University, JP (online)

Rhythm of Life: emergence of circadian temporal order, homeostasis and health


· November 25, 2022

Hanspeter Herzel, Humboldt University & Charité, DE (online)

Circadian clocks – networks of coupled oscillators


· December 2, 2022

Rong-Chi Huang, Chang Gung University, TW

Metabolic regulation of [Ca2+]i in the suprachiasmatic nucleus


· December 9, 2022

Rae Silver, Columbia University, US

Neurohumoral vascular and ventricular signals participate in circadian rhythms


· December 16, 2022

Sungho Hong, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST), JP (online)

Neural geometry and dynamics of cerebellar computations


· December 23, 2022

Yaron Caspi, National Taiwan University, TW

The Genetic Correlates of Conscious Perception – Is it a valuable Concept?


· January 13, 2023

Miki Ebisuya, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), ES (online)

Human Time vs. Mouse Time using stem cell-derived models