Topic: A brief introduction to the information closure theory of consciousness and its future​

Speaker: Dr. Acer Yu-Chan Chang (Araya Inc. / Sackler centre of consciousness science)

Time: 2021/11/12 15:00-17:00

Location: 12F Meeting Room, DA-An Campus, Taipei Medical University



We may be witnessing a critical moment in searching for the answer to the mind-body problem. During the past thirty years, consciousness research has altered from a taboo subject to a fascinating field of study. Those efforts have led to remarkable advancements. The necessary preparations and tools for tackling the mystery have been in place until now. For the first time, we can formulate our theories of consciousness mathematically. Consciousness research is currently undergoing a paradigm shift. A ticket to join the new era is the Information Closure Theory of Consciousness (ICT).

In this talk, I will explain how we formulated ICT with two mathematical hypotheses. The parsimonious construction, however, not only provides strong explanatory power on various phenomena associated with consciousness but also can reconcile several current theories of consciousness and issues in the philosophy of mind. I will also address its profound implications and my future plans to provide new mathematical insights into many core topics in consciousness research including self, free will, the neural correlates of consciousness, and so on. Finally, ICT is more than just a theory of consciousness. It also provides a mathematical framework to understand how research findings at different spatial and temporal scales of the neural system may provide complementary or independent explanations for consciousness and individual-level behaviours.

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