EEG Microstates Are Correlated With Global Functioning in Schizophrenia But Not Bipolar Disorder

Chen, P.H., Ku, H.L., Wang, J.K., Kang, J.H. *, Hsu, T.Y. * Objectives: Microstate studies of electroencephalograms (EEGs) on schizophrenia (SCZ) and bipolar disorder (BD) demonstrated categorical differences. The relationship between microstate indices and clinical symptoms in each group, however, remained unclear. Our objective was to examine associations between EEG microstates and the core features […]

Intrinsic neural activity predisposes susceptibility to a body illusion

Tzu-Yu Hsu, Ji-Fan Zhou, Su-Ling Yeh, Georg Northoff, Timothy Joseph Lane Susceptibility to the rubber hand illusion (RHI) varies. To date, however, there is no consensus explanation of this variability. Previous studies, focused on the role of multisensory integration, have searched for neural correlates of the illusion. But those studies have failed to identify a […]

Vocal functional flexibility: what it is and why it matters

DerryTaylor, ZannaClay, Christoph D.Dahl, KlausZuberbühler, MarinaDavila-Ross, GuillaumeDezecach Human speech is marked by a signal–function decoupling, the capacity to produce sounds that can fulfil a variety of functions, in contrast to nonverbal vocalizations such as laughter, cries and screams, which are functionally more rigid. It has been argued that this decoupling provides an essential foundation for […]


Junior faculty positions in neuroscience and related fields   The Graduate Institute of Mind, Brain and Consciousness ( at Taipei Medical University, in conjunction with the Brain and Consciousness Research Centre (, is currently recruiting for one full-time junior faculty position.   Our centre conducts inter-disciplinary research into the contents and levels of consciousness, along […]


The purpose of our PhD program is to provide people the skills needed to become an independent researcher, whether in academia or in industry. We aim to develop methodological and technical expertise while also exposing students to different ways of thinking about brain science. This foundation then allows them to plan and undertake robust original […]


Our Master’s course is research focused and aims to provide students with the technical and intellectual skills needed to understand modern brain science. These skills can prepare them for further work in brain science but are also easily transferable to any context that requires critical thinking, familiarity with data science, or the effective communication of […]

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