We recently held an open lab for the P1 section of Braintime Lab at the Graduate Institute of Mind, Brain, and Consciousness (GIMBC) of Taipei Medical University.

The laboratory specializes in molecular, behavioral, and theoretical chronobiology, using mouse models through both in vivo and in vitro approaches.

During the open lab, visitors had the opportunity for hands-on experience with the capabilities of the P1 lab. They manipulated a Vibroslicer to slice a mock mouse brain (actually soft candy embedded in an agar matrix), observed the mouse’s suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), the master circadian clock, immunostained with the PER2 antibody through a fluorescence microscope. They also had the opportunity to perform mock Western blot and genotyping experiments by loading dyes onto electrophoresis gels.

For this event, postdoctoral researcher Helene Vitet and research assistant Vuong Truong prepared the demonstrations.