Speaker:  Dr.Chun-Hung Yeh (Chang Gung University)

Topic: “Advances in quantifying white matter fibre connections in the human brain using diffusion MRI”  

Date: 2020.09.25 (Fri.)  15:00 pm-17:00 pm

Location: 12F Conference room, Daan Campus, Taipei Medical University


“Diffusion MRI provides a unique source of contrast sensitive to microstructural of the tissue. It enables us to conduct non-invasive in vivo investigations not possible by any other approaches, particularly into the connection of white matter fibres in the brain using tractography techniques, and probing into tissue microstructure at the cellular or axonal scale. For clinical neuroscience applications, the challenge is that many diffusion MRI methods are sensitive not only to pathologies but also to various effects and artefacts, making them lack specificity and placing inherent constraints on the interpretation of results. I will present how we address some of the key limitations through technical development, and how these advanced methods can help us to achieve more reliable quantification of tract-specific changes and microstructural characteristics of white matter fibres, in either healthy or diseased states.”