Speaker: Tun Jao MD. PhD.

Topic: Dynamics of structural and functional brain networks in epilepsy

Date: 2019.11.15 (Fri.)  16:00 pm-18:00 pm

Location: 12F Conference room, Daan Campus, Taipei Medical University


The organization of complex brain networks has been related to various structural and functional properties of the human brain, and graph theoretical methods have been used to evaluate the properties of the brain connectome from micro to macro scales.

Epilepsy brings uniqueness to the field of cognitive sciences by having both very transient and chronic neurological symptoms. From the perspective of brain network topology, and mostly by using EEG and MRI data, my presentation will illustrate the development of the connectomic approach in neuropathology, and its potential in understanding localization, propagation, and treatment of seizure and epilepsy.