Thanks to our alum, Sergej Golowin, for returning to GIMBC to share his latest research!

Sergej completed his master’s under Professor Niall Duncan’s guidance and is currently pursuing his PhD at Heidelberg University’s Decision Neuroscience of Human Interactions Lab (
Curious about how personal decision-making processes are shaped by past experiences and the decisions of others? Welcome to explore his talk abstract below.

Date: 2024/04/29 16:00-17:00
Topic: “sequential decision-making in single- and multi-player environments”
Location: 503 Meeting room, Teaching and Research Building, SH campus, Taipei Medical University

Peoples’ decisions depend on each other. Ones future options rely on the choices of today. Furthermore, the options of one person are linked to the decisions of others. The role of this interdependence for the behaviour, it’s cognitive underpinnings and the mental state of individuals is complex and poorly understood. My work aims to shed light on the many mutual dependencies of decisions in ecologically valid settings. I use computational models of behavior to infer the strategic considerations of decision-making, as well as, their physiologic/neural implementations.