Topic: Unraveling psychological processes with a computational social psychological approach

Speaker:  Pin-Hao Andy Chen (陳品豪) (Department of Psychology, Graduate Institute of Brain and Mind Sciences, Neurobiology and Cognitive Science Center, Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics, National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

Time: 2024/04/19 (Fri) 15:00-17:00

Location: 9702 Meeting room, Research and Teaching Building, SH Campus, Taipei Medical University


Although psychological and affective processes are complex, researchers could take a computational approach to disentangle these complexities. In this talk, I will demonstrate how researchers could take a computational social psychological approach to disentangle psychological processes across a variety of research topics. In study 1, I will show how social interactions can have positive influences on health outcomes via socially transmitted beliefs. Interestingly, this belief manipulation manifested as subtle changes in facial expression behaviors during the clinical interaction. In study 2, I will apply machine-learning methods to examine whether individuals express higher similarity in facial dynamics, specifically their sad and fearful facial dynamics under a large-scale stressor. In study 3, I will use the intersubject representational similarity analysis to explore how affective experiences represented in the brain. Across the above studies, I hope to show how a computational social psychological approach, combining experimental social psychology and computational methods can help us to gain a deeper understanding of psychological and affective processes.