Topic: Using human-machine interaction for understanding subjective agency and the real-world efficacy of conscious motor control: toward phenomenal biophysics

Speaker: Dr. Patrick Grüneberg (Associate Professor, Faculty of Global Standard Education (Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences), Kanazawa University, Japan)

Time: 2024/05/17 (Fri) 15:00-17:00

Location: 801 Meeting room, Research and Teaching Building, SH Campus, Taipei Medical University


Human agents possess the ability to initiate and control movement in a self-controlled and conscious manner. While the neurophysiology of motor control is open to numerous empirical methods, the study of the conscious performance of motor control requires specific methods to access first-person experience. To this end, we have combined clinical results from applications in rehabilitation robotics with first-person interview methods to describe different subjective control strategies that demonstrate the conscious performance and efficacy of motor agency. In my talk, I will present the theoretical background of our approach and related experimental work. The goal of phenomenal biophysics is to understand how subjective performance of motor control and neuromuscular embodiment interpenetrate to enable agency. The expected results have theoretical as well as clinical relevance.